Festival Information


Festivals are celebrated once in a year in the particular place. The festivals are regarded important and auspicious event for the Bhutanese people. The festivals (Tsechus) fall on the 10th day of the every month according to the Bhutanese calendar.  During the festival, the mask dances are performed either by lay people or monks. In the festivals celebrations, along with mask dances, there will be religious dancers and Singers. Atsaras are the soul of festivals in Bhutan. Bhutanese people believe Atsaras are the religious teacher. They maintain order despite make joke.

People go to watch festivals with best clothes with special package lunch. This event will be colorful as people are dressed in best jewellery, best clothes, eat special food. During festivals, there is great socialization. The series of mask dances, traditional and colorful dances performed by monks, lay men and dancers. In Bhutan all Dzongs (Fortress), many temples and monasteries will have religious festivals.

The main purpose of festivals (Tsechu) is celebrated for the remembrance of Guru Rinpoche and to gain merit. There are also other secular festivals like National Day celebration, King’s birthdays and etc. The secular festivals are held to dedicate the celebrations to remember the great figures in Bhutan.

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