Visa Info

All other tourists beside Bangladeshis, Maldivian and Indians must obtain a visa clearance before their travel to Bhutan.  Visas are processed by us directly or through our foreign travel agent using an online system.

There is exceptional in case of the Indians, Bangladeshis and Maldivian nationals can obtain a visa at the port of entry on producing a valid passport with a minimum of 6 month validity (Indian nationals may also use their Voters Identity Card (VIC).

Before coming to Bhutan, you should tell us if you come in our Tour Agent. We as one of the Tour agent in Bhutan will help you to obtain Bhutan Visa for you.

To apply for Visa, you need to send the scanned photo copy of the first page of your passport to us. We will apply for your Visa.  Before we apply for Your Visa, you need work on Tour Itinerary. We will calculate the Tour Payments in advance before your arrival in Bhutan in USD (US DOLLAR). 

Then you have to make full payment of your holiday (Including USD 40 Visa Fee) in our Tour Account, after that we will transfer full payment of your Holiday to Tourism Council of Bhutan’s Account.

The Visa Clearance will be processed within 72 hours by Tourism Council of Bhutan.

When you reach at any of the entry point of Bhutan, you must show your visa clearance letter, the visa will then be stamped into your passport.