Trip to Bodi Gaya

Be remind to yourself to visit the holy places around the world and Buddha said: 
“Monks, after my passing away, if all the sons and daughters of good family and the faithful, so long as they live, go to the four holy places, they should go and remember: here at Lumbini the enlightened one was born; here at Bodhgaya he attained enlightenment; here at Sarnath he turned twelve wheels of Dharma; and here at Kushinagar he entered parinirvana”

                                     DETAILED   ITINERARY

DAY 01 

Across the world and throughout the ages, religious people have made pilgrimages. The Buddha himself exhorted his followers to visit what are now known as the four great places of pilgrimage. So it signifies that pilgrimage to holy site is essential and for that we had tailored made the tour.

 A flight from Bangkok to Gaya airport is three hour five minute. On arrival to gaya airport you will be received by our guide and take to check in to the hotel at Bodhi gaya which is twenty minute car drive and tea break.

After that you will processed to Bodhi Temple to pay homage. Bodhi Gaya is the most holy place on Earth for the followers of the Buddhist all over the world and it situated near by the bank of river Neranjana. This is the very place where Gautama Buddha got enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.  Vihara more commonly known asMaha bodhi temple is one of the most interesting and impressive religious structure in India. The main entrance to the Vihara is from east which contains images of Buddha which are painted in gold by Tibetan pilgrims. The image is set during his final effort for Buddhahood with his back to the bodhi tree.

Then you walk few meter from the main entrance to left side you will see 10ft.high Bodhi tree. The bodhi tree becomes the central object of worship to the Buddhists and it said that the original tree under which Lord attained Buddhahood sprang up simultaneously with his birth. According to history, the original bodhi tree had been cut down by Hindu King of Bengal but another tree arose out of the same roots.

After that you will go to visit dorji Den (stone Throne) and Dutri ha ha Gap (one of the most secret cremation groung) and break for lunch.

After lunch you will visit Lodru Kawa Chasa. This place is believed that Gautama Buddha had under gone an intensive six year meditation before his final enlightenment under Bodhi tree.

At a distance of mile and a half across the Neranjara river there is high mound over grown with trees and shrubs known as Sujata Garh. At this place the girl named Sujata offered a bowl full of milk milked from 1000 cows to Guatama Buddha after he ascend from his six year Meditation.

Call off for the day and overnight at the hotel.

DAY 02 

Day two start off after your breakfast. Drupthop Shawaripa Drakphu and Dutri Siwasi will be first stopover for the morning tour. Break for the lunch.

Later than Lunch you visit Ji Si Rong. Day conclude here and overnight stay at the Bodhi Gaya Hotel.

DAY 03


After breakfast drive 1hr 30min towards Vulture peak at Rajgir from Bodhi Gaya. Rajgir is the Place of the Buddha subduing Nalagiri, the angry elephant, through loving kindness and one of the oldest cities of India. Vulture Peak was the second turning the wheel of Dharma to an assembly of 5,000 monks, nuns and laity, as well as innumerable, where the Buddha taught Prajnaparamita and started teaching the Mahayana path. And also the first community of Sangha was established here.

Then you visit hot water spring which is situated on the slopes of the hill which have a medicinal value. And also visitGyalpoi Khap (Bimbisara’s Jail) this is supposed to be the jail in which Bimbisar was kept confined as a prison by his son Ajatasattu. It is said that from the prison king had seen the lord Buddha walking up and down and gave much relief to his sad heart. Then break for Lunch.

After lunch you drive 15km towards Nalanda from Rajgir. The real importance of the place for Buddhists began with the establishment of famous ancient learning centre or Nalanda University, which became world eminent on account of its galaxy of brilliant professors and high standard of teaching. The actual date of the foundation of the university is not known. Furthermore Lord Buddha chief disciple Sariputta was born near this Place.  And also visit Nalanda Musum.

Evening excursion to Vaishali. Overnight stay in hotel at Vaishali.

DAY 04 

 Vaishali was the capital of the Vajjian Republic of ancient India. It was this place where Buddha received an offering of honey from a monkey watching an elephant attending the Buddha by bringing him water and fruit, a monkey decided that he too wanted to honor the Buddha by offering a gift. It was here that he established the Bhikshuni Sangha, initiating his maternal aunt Maha Prajavati Gautami into the order. His last rainy season resort was here and he announced his approaching Mahaparinirvana before leaving for Kushinagar, where he laid his mortal coil, he left his alms-bowl here with the people of Vaishali.

And also visit places like Chorten Namdadrong and tshachodrong. Chorten Namdadrong is the place where Gautama Buddha cut his hair after he renounce his Kingdom Kapilavastu.   Break for lunch.

After lunch drive to Kushinagar. The Buddha chose Kushinagar, capital of the Malla kingdom, for his Mahaparinirvana. After his death, the Buddha’s body was cremated at the shrine of the Mallas. His remains were divided into eight parts which were subsequently placed under eight stupas in different parts of the country. The Mahaparinirvana stupa marks the spot where the Buddha passed away. The temple contains a six meter long statue of the Buddha in parinirvana posture lying on one side.

Overnight stay at Vaishali

DAY 05


After breakfast passage to Shravasti.

Evening travel to Varanasi and night halt at Varanasi Hotel. 

N/O at Varanasi

DAY 06


Third last day of the tour begins later than breakfast visiting Sarnath in Varanasi. Deer park at Sarnath Lord Buddha delivered his first teaching after his enlightenment on Four Noble Truth.  This is referred to as the first turning of the Wheel of the Law (Dharmachakra). It was here that the Buddha also established the order of monks (Sangha). By the 11th century these structures had fallen into disrepair, but excavations in the late 19th century uncovered the pillar together with a marble relic casket and an image of the Buddha delivering his first sermon. The Dhamekh stupa that exists today was built from brick during the 5th-6th centuries and stands on the site of earlier structures. Subsequently go to Museum and you break for the lunch.

After lunch you travel back to Bodhi Gaya. On the way back stopover at holy Ganges River (Chumoganga). It is believed to be that if we dip and bathe in Ganga river our sinful deeds will be cleaned.

After a hectic journey finally reach Bodhi Gaya and overnight stay at Hotel.

DAY 07 

During the course of paying homage to holy sites of Buddha, you have accumulated merit and it’s the time to dedicate this merit to all the sentient being. So your second last day of the tour will be so meaningful and significant. In this regard you will be doing Tshog Offering and at last do aspiration prayer led by one of any Buddhist master.

Leisure time out

O/N at the Bodhi Gaya

DAY 08


Your final day of the tour kicks off after breakfast. You will be escorted to Gaya airport to fly out to your own destination but it’s not the end it is just the beginning of next expedition. We hope you had a memorable voyage. Take care and Safe journey.

                                                     TASHI DELEK

                                                      (THANK YOU)