Daily Tarrifs


The tariff for group of 3 or more;

  • USD 250 per person per night in peak season (March, April, May, September, Octomber, November)
  • USD 200 Per person per night in off season (January, February, June, July, August, December).


  • USD 40 for 1 person per night will be added
  • USD 30 for 2 persons per night will be added


  • Accomadations in 3 star Hotels/ Accomadations in 4-5 star hotels require addition premium
  • All 3 meals
  • Experience Guide services
  • All internal transporation as per travel itineary
  • Camping Equipments, cooks & Treking Guide for trekking
  • Tourism Royality of USD 65
  • All internal fees, charges & taxes

*Your Cost will be determined by your Travel Itinerary, Tour Operator and the Season that you travel in Bhutan.

Discount for Tourist
1. There is no charge for the children below 5 years and 5 years old. From age of 6- 12 years, there is 50% discount on daily rates.

2. The students those who are 25 years old and below and also they have to produce Valid Identity Card from their Academic Institutions. This category will receive 25% discount of the daily rates.

3. There is 25% discount for diplomatic Visas.

Bhutan Tour Cancellation Policy

I. Free- If you cancel your Bhutan Tour within 60 days before the start of your trip in Bhutan.

II. The 15 percent of the rate- If you cancel your Bhutan Tour within 1 month before you start trip in Bhutan.

III. The 30 percent of the rate- If you cancel your Bhutan Tour within 14 days before your travel to Bhutan.

IV. The 50 percent of the rate-If you cancel your Bhutan Tour with notice or without notice.

V. The 100 percent of the rate- If you cancel your Bhutan Tour after reaching to Bhutan.

In terms of delays of flight arrival and departure by road blocks or due to bad weather conditions.  The Tourist themselves have to bear the cost of transportation, food, accommodation and other services required.