National Symbol

National Flag

The upper half yellow colour symbolizes the authority and power of kings of Bhutan. The lower orange colour signifies the authority of Buddhism particularly the Drukpa Kagyue of Tibetan Buddhism. The Dragon in the middle represents the name of the country and Jewels in claws signifies the wealth of the country.

The National Emblem

The double thunderbolt placed on the lotus is national emblem of Bhutan. The Thunderbolt signifies the peace and harmony between religious and secular power. The purity is signified in the form of the lotus. There is Jewel in both Dragons. The Jewel symbolizes the power of sovereignty and both Dragons represent the name of  the country “ Drukyul” – The Land Of Thunder Dragon Kingdom”

National Bird

The Raven is national Bird of Bhutan. Raven signifies the Mahakala- the one of the protective deities of Bhutan. It symbolizes the Royal Crown.

National Flower 

The national flower of Bhutan is the Blue Poppy (Meconopsis Grandis). It is found between 3500-4500 meters above sea level high mountain terrain in the rocky areas. The Blue Poppy will grow up to the height of one meter.  It is blue or purple tinged blossom with a filament white in colour.

National Animal

The national animal is the Takin (Burdorcastaxicolor) and the Takin is associated with religious history. They live in group above 4000 meters above sea level. It is found in high altitude of Northern, western and Eastern part of Bhutan.

National Tree

Bhutan’s national tree is the cypress scientifically known as Cupressustorolusa. It is grown in high altitude between 1800 and 3500 meters above sea level. We can find may cypress trees in many especially near monasteries, temples and Dzongs (fortress), houses.

National Game

Archery is national Game of Bhutan. Bhutanese people have been enjoying playing this game for many centuries. The bow and arrow plays vital role in Myths and legends in Bhutanese history. Today in special occasions, many Bhutanese people play Archery.