Bhutan Pilgrimage & Buddhist Tour


Pilgrimage to Buddhists holy site is considered as one of the most essential and significant that we human have to undertake to clean our sins and get blessing for the good life. Nevertheless we should not under mind the place and country that holds the Buddhist holy sites and its value. Bhutan is also not far behind from other countries regarding to the Buddhist holy sites.

Bhutan the land of hidden holy site or some time branded as last Shangri-La in the world. Bhutan is fortunate to have visited and blessed by the great saints of Buddhist masters. Before the introduction of Buddhism in the country, Bon religions were so dominant which never had tranquility and peace in the country. Bon religion is basically worshipped all forms of nature, scarifying of animals and offering to local deity of the place.

So it was during the 7th century Tibetan King Songtsan Gampo first introduced the Buddhism to Bhutan. This was symbolically by constructing two Buddhist temples one in Bumthang (Jambey Lhakhang) and other in Paro (Kyichu Temple).Gradually the values of Buddhism had injected into the country wide and far. Later under the kingship of Sindhu Raja Buddhism was further   propagated intensely in 746.

During the 746 AD Guru Padmasambhava visited to Bhutan on the invitation of King Sindhu Raja then there Buddhism began to take advance firm roots within the country and this especially led to the propagation of the Nyingmapa (the ancient or the older) school of Buddhism. Guru Rinpoche is one of most iconic figure for Bhutanese because without the blessing of Guru Rinpoche country would not be stand to what today country simile of. There is no single Place that Guru Rinpoche had not visited and blessed. Singye Dzong, Paro Taktshang, Bumthang Kurje are few Names that highlight the very sacred and important place to visit.

Coming of Phajo Drugom Zhigp from Ralung in Tibet in 1222 marks another milestone in the history of Bhutan because he introduced another school of Buddhism that is Drukpa Kagyi sect of Buddhism, the state religion. His sons and descendants helped in propagating the Drukpa Kagyi sect to many other regions of Bhutan.

Therefore pilgrimage tour to these places means you are blessed and you sow the seeds of good merits. ADTT will provide exciting & memorable BHUTAN PILGRIMAGE & BUDDHIST TOUR based on your interest & No. of your intent stay in Bhutan.