Bhutan Cultural Tour


Unique affluent of Bhutanese culture draws the line of identity and sovereignty of the nation from other worlds. Bhutanese are very much blessed with distinctive culture but the changes brought upon by the rapidly modernizing and globalizing world affects in upholding culture value.

Despite all the external challenges Bhutan’s unique identity is reflected through the magnificent architecture, dress, festivals, games, language, food and the everyday way of life. It’s important that Bhutan never sees its culture diminishing at any cost. Hence everybody has to shoulder the responsible and duty to preserve and promote the culture. It is through the culture that draws the attention of international citizens and helping the country economy to grow.

Exploring and experiencing the culture of Bhutan is one of the fascinating tour packages for the tourist. Above all one could glimpse the transformation in the geography, weather, people, the culture and tradition of Bhutan. Our unique cultural identity is what you will take as a memory.

Therefore we prefer to offer various types of itinerary prior on your request. We specialize in a numerous cultural tour programs without slightest of compromise in the quality of services we provide and we grantee the full satisfaction. ADTT will provide exciting & memorable BHUTAN CULTURAL TOUR, based on your interest & No. of your intent stay in Bhutan.