Bhutan Textile Tour


AlthoughBhutan remained isolated for centuries from the other world but Bhutanese had advanced in its textile arts with authentic designs, colors and creative pattern. Textiles in Bhutan are considered the premier form of art and living. Over the century’s Bhutanese textile have evolved reflecting the nation’s identity. Along the way Bhutanese weavers have explored various innovative methods in their design while maintaining the authentic features of Bhutanese arts.   

Bhutanese textile is more than a colorful fabric with intricate designs. Intricate designs represent ancient wisdom that has become a part of culture and spiritual significant. Therefore textile tour to Bhutan is an exciting because you get the chance to experience firsthand.

Bhutan textiles are associated with the particular region through their designs and production technique. For example high altitude valleys of central Bhutan produce striped and plaid woolen called Yathra. Weavers from the lhuentse especially Khoma are well known for producing the expensive dress called Kushuthara, while people from the eastern hills are renowned for fabric made of raw silk and pattern with extra warps. So Bhutan have variety to offer to the visitors and place for visitor to experience and explore and get to know their way of life. Your textile tour to Bhutan will take to the homes of native weavers guided by local textile specialists.

You can also integrate festivals tour and trips to important culture sites to make a complete visit of Bhutan. During the tour we will provide transportation, accommodation and itineraries to meet your specific needs. And also your tour will be led by experts in their fields and are accompanied by English speaking guide.

The rich and unique textile art of Bhutan is a must see for all the textile enthusiast and we are there to take you to the right place without trailing your comfort zone.  ADTT will provide exciting & memorable BHUTAN TEXTILE TOUR based on your interest & No. of your intent stay in Bhutan.