Flora & Funa

Bhutan is one of the biodiversity hotspots in the world with the forest cover of 72% of the nation. The Kingdom of Bhutan is well known for the protection, preservation and conservation of the environment.
One can find various types of flora and fauna in various part of Bhutan.

Bhutan is divided into three zones:

1. Subtropical Zone (150m to 2000m) with Tropical or Subtropical vegetation.

2. Temperate Zone (2000 to 4000m) with conifer or broadleaf forests;

3. Alpine Zone (4000m and above) with no forest cover;

We find many types of forest such as mixed conifer forest, fir forests, blue pine forest, chirpine forest, broadleaf mixed with conifer, upland hardwood forest, lowland hardwood forest, and tropical lowland forests. There about 300 species of medicinal plants and about 46 species of rhododendrons.

A wide range of rare and endangered animals along with verities animals can also be found in the dense forest of Bhutan as well in sparsely forest. Bhutan also has a great variety of bird species.

Bhutan is regard as one of the “Ten global hotspots” and focuses to have preservation, protection and conservation of its rich environment through government regulated polices and environmental organizations. Bhutan has received the recognitions from the world for its preservation of the environment.