In Bhutan the climate conditions and the average temperature varies from region  to region, and from place to place. This variation in the climatic conditions and average temperature are influenced by two main factors;
1. The vast differences in altitude present in the country
2.  The influence of the north Indian monsoons

The Southern Bhutan has the sub-tropical climate which is humid and hot and it last almost throughout the year unchanging. The Temperatures can vary from 15-30 degrees Celsius in southern Bhutan.

In the Central Bhutan, the climate condition is different from south. In central Bhutan it has deciduous forest with changing to temperate. In this region, people experience warm summers and cool, dry winters.

In the Northern Bhutan, one can find the peaks of mountain covered with Snow. The weather is cold during winter in this region and even in summer people living in this region feel cold weather conditions due the high altitude terrain.

In the southern border region of Bhutan the Indian summer monsoon influences has much impact which lasts from late-June through late-September. This monsoon brings high humidity and heavy rain to the southern region. 

In various parts of the Bhutanese Kingdom, annual precipitation ranges widely varies. In the northern border region mainly the region will have Snow.  

Generally in Bhutan the spring starts in early March and lasts until May. The summer starts in June with occasional showers and continues to August.  The heavier summer rains last from late June through late September in Southern Bhutan with more monsoonal.

The autumn begins from September to November following the rainy season with bright, sunny days and some early snowfalls at northern part of Bhutan.

The winter begins from December until March with snow fall through the higher regions of the Bhutan. The winter northeast monsoon brings the heavy snow fall in the higher altitudes of Bhutan.

The average temperatures in Bhutan are recorded from valley floors. There are variation in temperature from higher to lower altitudes.