Arts & Crafts

Art & Architecture
In Bhutanese art & Architecture there is religious importance and has sacred meaning. The art and architecture does not exist but itself. The art and Architecture of Bhutan is amazing, beautiful and unique. The Arts are so decorative.
The unique characteristic of traditional Bhutanese Architecture    is that it does not use nails or iron bars. One can enjoy the Bhutanese Architecture through Dzongs, temples, monasteries, traditional Bhutanese houses, chortens (Stupas).
The Bhutanese arts are displayed through paintings and dances. Even the Thangkas and Mandala is the unique expression of Bhutanese arts of Bhutan. The materials that make the statues are made of stones, wood, coral, pearl, mud and other expensive materials.

Bhutan not only has intact forest cover but also has unique, amazing and beautiful Art & Architecture. Your Tour in Bhutan will able to enjoy the Bhutanese unique arts & Architecture.

In Bhutan the Arts and Crafts is group under the Thirteen Traditional Arts and Crafts of Bhutan popularly known as “Zorig Chusum” in Bhutanese society.
Since the time immemorial, Bhutanese people have been practicing these Thirteen Traditional Arts and Crafts.