Haa Summer Festival

The Alpine Summer Festival is held at Haa for two days to give tourists a peek into the Bhutanese culture and experience the Bhutanese way of life. Apart from this the mask dances and traditional Bhutanese folk’s songs and dances, alpine flowers will be at display and one can get a good sneak peek into the highlander community and their way of life. Traditional sports like archery and darts are played and tourists can also experience the unique cuisine of Haa, which is different from food from other parts of the country.

At the Haa Summer festival you will be able to see the rare White Poppy (Meconopsis superba). This flower typically grows to 1-1.5m in height at high altitudes around 4000m. The White Poppy is endemic to Haa and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Various homestay programs are also on offer for visitors who want to experience typical Bhutanese lifestyle and hospitality.

Duration: 14th- 15th July,2018